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Welcome to Past Life Studies

This is your time to enjoy the powerful field of past life studies. Our website gives you the very best in research and training in the field.  With over forty years of experience in the realm of psychotherapy, we are poised to give you a unique experience through the learning process. Developing the full power of your subconscious mind is a huge step.  It is a life changing way of looking at your past.  We are determined to give you all of the tools and resources needed to be the expert in this newly-developing field of past life therapy.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your patients improve the overall quality of their lives through dealing with you.  Each of your sessions will be unique, and we will arm you with everything that you need to know to be the master of your draft.   The process is unlike any other.  It is empowering and fun to learn.  Step forward and build a brighter future for yourself.  Become the master of past life readings and hypnotherapy.

You will develop your mind at a rapid pace through our program.  Our seven step guide is the leading tutorial in the industry.  With each new step of learning accomplished, we take you through additional onsite practical work in live settings.  It’s here that you will develop the confidence and experience to handle your first past life regression and learn about the power of the theta brainwave state. You’ll love the feeling that you will get from accomplishing your mission of building better lives for others. The gift of giving is truly wonderful. And here at past life studies you will be going it on a daily basis to reach your full potential.